HOPEWELL VALLEY: Clothing, textile bins at all Valley schools

From http://www.centraljersey.com/articles/2014/04/23/hopewell_valley_news/news/doc5358205a763ab539901747.txt

hopewell_valley Hopewell Valley’s Clothing and Textile Drive, held annually on Election Day since 2010, is now a year-round event, giving residents a convenient way to donate and recycle used clothing and textiles anytime in bins at each Valley school.

The drive, run in partnership with Brooklyn, New York-based SpinGreen (http://spingreen.com), keeps textiles out of landfills and puts them in the hands of people who need them, or can recycle them, according to Alicia Brooks Waltman, district communications specialist.

”Since the drive began, we have collected more than 20 tons of used textiles,” said Heidi Wilenius, organizer of the drive. “People love taking part, but can’t always store their donations all year long. Thanks to our new partnership with SpinGreen, we now have outdoor, year-round collection bins at all six Hopewell Valley schools.”

”Our Election Day district textile drive had modest beginnings, but it’s drawn statewide praise and become tremendously popular throughout our community,” said Hopewell Valley Regional Board of Education President Lisa Wolff. “With the new SpinGreen bins, our school district is making a long-term commitment to reducing our carbon footprint while engaging the community and raising money for our PTOs.”

SpinGreen will pay the Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) at each school for the textiles collected in their bin. PTOs help fund a wide range of programs, including field trips, assemblies, science fairs, school gardens, technology purchases, and more.    Residents can donate all types of textiles, including clothing, sheets, blankets, towels, curtains, linens, scarves, scrap fabric, hats, gloves, shoes, belts, handbags, pillows and stuffed toys. All of the items must be dry, but can be stained or torn.

People who donate gently used clothing directly to local charities are encouraged to keep doing so, said Ms. Wilenius. However, SpinGreen will take textiles in any condition.

Partner charities, such as The Red Cross, are given first pick of the SpinGreen donations. The remaining wearable clothing is sold or exported to developing countries where demand is great. Unusable textiles, such as orphaned socks and ripped or stained clothing, are recycled into items such as rags, carpet padding, insulation and car seat stuffing.

Ms. Wilenius said the district will continue to conduct an Election Day textile drive at most Hopewell Valley polling places, this year on Nov. 4. Find more information on the district website, www.hvrsd.org under the “Community” tab.

Facebook users are invited to LIKE the textile drive at www.facebook.com/HopewellTextiles.