Gorgeous Textiles and Rugs Made From Recycled Materials by Brazilian Designer Claudia Araujo

Brazilian designers and sisters Claudia and Monica Araujo use traditional weaving techniques and natural and recycled materials to build these versatile fabrics that serve as rugs or as textiles.

Among their creations there’s the Cabeludo and Broinha rugs, produced with scraps from the textile industry; and the TaPET line of fabrics, produced with 100% recycled PET and also in variations with a mixture of cotton or even recovered PVC. All of their creations are produced in team with a group of weavers in the state of Minas Gerais under fair trade conditions.

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Cabeludo and Broinha, Rugs from Recovered Textile Scraps

The Cabeludo is a rug produced with recovered scraps from the textile industry, mainly by fibers with polyamide and elastane (that of swimsuits), which give it comfort, smoothness and durability. The fibers are hand-woven one by one. According to the designers, it’s easy to keep as it does not stain and can be washed with neutral soap by hand.

Broinha is the name of another rug with recovered textile scraps: it’s produced with selvedges from polyamide and elastane. Also hand made one by one and resistant, the designers say it has shown good performance in bathrooms and kitchens. The name was given to the rug by the weavers, who thought the small forms that make the fabric looked like a cookie named like that in Brazil.

taPET: Fabrics with Recycled PET

The taPET weaving is produced with 100% recycled PET bottles in hand loom, and the fabric is then base for other variations that incorporate cotton and even recycled PVC.

Apt for wet environments, washable and high resistant, the designers say it’s ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces. According to the website Planeta Sustentavel, the price of taPET goes from 400 Brazilian reais (230 USD) the square meter.

taPET variations: Puzzle (with cotton) and combined with recovered PVC.

Claudia and Monica Araujo’s rugs and fabrics are sold at their showroom in Sao Paulo, (R. Pelotas, 367) or through contact via their website.