RAJE was founded in 2006 to address the Jewish communal and educational needs of young Russian American Jews. We are a comprehensive educational and communal organization whose goal is to spark Jewish life and ensure Jewish continuity for the next generation. We are passionate about building a community that embraces Russian speaking Jews from all walks of life.

To achieve its mission RAJE developed a unique system of community wide change, known as the RAJE Fellowship program. The semester long program which includes an educational trip to Europe and Israel, provides talented young people with a unique opportunity to explore their Jewish identity and develop their own unique leadership potential.

Apart from the RAJE Fellowship program, RAJE is a community that never sleeps. To our knowledge, we are the only center in New York that provides a full spectrum of programming to meet the communal and educational needs of Russian American Jewish college students and young professionals. The RAJE center & the RAJEon Alumni association is continuously buzzing with the energy of new students, inspired learners and community activists. Behind our doors is a professional and volunteer staff dedicated to creating an open environment that encourages people at all levels to explore their Jewish identity and find their own place within the community.

We are proud of our reputation as a wonderful place to spend Shabbat and Jewish holidays year round. We welcome the entire community to join us for festive meals, lively classes and hospitality in the warmth of family and friends.

Barefoot Foundation

Barefoot is a global advocacy for Sustainable Education Initiative. We are a not-for-profit 501c3 organization, dedicated to fighting the devastating effects of extreme poverty.

This is accomplished through amazing power of Environmental education and self sustainability programs. We conduct this activity for benefit of families and citizens of the world who do not have the money nor the means to buy clothing and shoes. The projects we support help strengthen communities, promote green education, improve health, aid sustainability and foster self sufficiency here in the US and all around the world.

We advance our mission by collecting new and used shoes, clothes and toys from individuals, schools, faith-based organizations and corporate partners, then distribute those items both via direct donations to people in need and by equipping qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to create jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities in the US and around the globe.

The items that are not wearable are then sold to fund our free education workshops and create micro-enterprise programs around the world.




GMHC is the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Building on decades of dedication and expertise, we understand the reality of HIV/AIDS and empower a healthy life for all.

Our Mission: GMHC fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected.

AIDS is not over. In fact, awareness is down as new infections are up — including among women, people of color and men who have sex with men. The roots of the epidemic are wide and deep, from stigma and misinformation to the increasing cost of care. At GMHC, we believe we can end the epidemic by addressing the underlying causes, shifting cultural beliefs and promoting smart behaviors that empower a healthy life for all of us.

In 1981, six gay men (and their friends) gathered in writer Larry Kramer’s living room to address the “gay cancer” and raise money for research. This informal meeting provided the foundation for what would soon become Gay Men’s Health Crisis. In 1982, an answering machine in the home of volunteer Rodger McFarlane acted as the first AIDS hotline — receiving over 100 calls the first night. Today, GMHC continues to pioneer HIV prevention, care and advocacy.

Since before AIDS had a name and until the epidemic is over, GMHC will continue to fight AIDS and love life. To learn more about GMHC or how you can donate, volunteer, tour the agency, or become a client, visit, contact us by email, or call 212.367.1000. GMHC is now located on 446 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001-2601.